Hacer edge-blending vertical con Millumin

Metodo para hacer edge-blending vertical

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Some of you asked us about vertical soft-edge. As now, provides direct horizontal soft-edge, but it is also possible to do a vertical one.
The principle is simple : using 2 instances of with rotated images.
Of course, we are working on a more ergonomic method.

Here is a step-by-step example for 2 projectors with a final resolution of 1920×2160 :

  1. Duplicate “.app” (CMD+D), so you could run 2 instances

    dos copias de Millumin
    dos copias de
  1. Plug the 2 projectors
  2. Rotate them by 90° in the System Preferences / Displays (you do not rotate them physically)
  3. Run the first instance of Millumin : it will manage the content and videomapping
  4. Set up the final output resolution as 1920×2160
  5. Toggle “ Output” from the menubar
  6. Run the second instance of Millumin : it will manage the soft-edge
  7. Set up the final output resolution as 2160×1920
  8. Set up 2 screens in the “Multiscreen” tab, then assign them to your 2 projectors
  9. Show the test card
  10. Follow the soft-edge process as described in this tutorial
  11. Now your 2 projectors are blended vertically
  12. Get the first instance’s result into the second one via
  13. Rotate the source by 90°
  14. Now you can go back to the first instance, and work directly on your content

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