La Pietat – Sedition art

«La Pietat» (taken from the original name) is a set of points representing three-dimensional coordinates in space (XYZ) and color values ​​(RGB) that, taken together, form a representation of Michelangelo’s famous sculpture La Pietat.

The object is only represented from its frontal plane, it is slowly rotating on its own axis, thus creating an inverted perspective effect. Here we are faced with the dilemma of seeing in its correct form or the negative of it. The duality of the human being.

This version of the high resolution 4K, made specific to Sedition Art, has been made entirely with TouchDesigner.

La Pietat # 1 (From the series Point Clouds
Digital video 4K (4096×2160 60fps) 01:56 «minute loop. 
(Note that this video should be better seen on 4K high resolution monitors)

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