Hasta 6 entradas con Syphon Matrix – VJ Kid Kadian

Syphon Matrix – VJ Kid Kadian



SyphonMatrix is a 6 input || 1 video  output matrix.( Disclaimer : i didn’t make syphon all the credit goes to vade  )screencapThis is designed to sit between your and to allow you to channel multipule  video inputs into a matrix to send to mad mapper ! This allows you to use multiple video sources in you map !For more info please see this video :

Use Notes :

Make sure each sure all inputs is the same resolution

You can not send the same input to multiple inputs
( VDMX5 – Layer 1 can’t go to both input A & B )

the fps displayed next to the preview window reflects only the fps of the preview window and not of the final output of Syphon2Matrix

Set up Instructions :

– Set your matrix size ( set columns & rows )

– Click getavaillableservers

– Select Sever & AppName

– Turn on for that channel

– Choose SyphonMatrix output in your mapping / program !

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