Categoría: Experimental

Trabajos experimentales de Gnomalab

Visual Pack: Neuronium
10 FHD1280x1280 VJ CLIPS

Clips Length: 10-25 seconds per Clip (seamless, without audio)
Codec: PhotoJPG.

Experimental reaction-diffusion clips. minimalist aesthetic in red, black and blue on a white background and Checkboard. Combine them by experimenting with blending modes to generate new patterns.

Motion Graphics for Vj´s, music events, clubs, festivals, video blogs, designers, publicists, gamers, motion graphers and TV…

«La Pietat» (taken from the original name) is a set of points representing three-dimensional coordinates in space (XYZ) and color values ​​(RGB) that, taken together, form a representation of Michelangelo’s famous sculpture La Pietat.