Hacer edge-blending vertical con Millumin

dos copias de Millumin

Metodo para hacer edge-blending vertical fuente original: http://forum.millumin.com/discussion/256/vertical-edge-blending-method#top Hello, Some of you asked us about vertical soft-edge. As now, Millumin provides direct horizontal soft-edge, but it is also possible to do a vertical one. The principle is simple : using 2 … Continue reading

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Lemur MultiBall Quartz Composer patch

Reblogged from Minuek: Florian Grassl (Sleeping Birds) recently posted a Max Patch for using the MultiBall object from Lemur with VDMX. http://blog.floriangrassl.net/2013/10/lemur-multiball-bridge-via-max-6/ This gave me some ideas to do some similar things in qc so i made these patches. Check … Continue reading

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